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hearTV® Fitness Solutions

offer your members an innovative & rewarding experience, in person or on-demand.

Deliver real-time TV audio while providing the freedom to roam around the gym or participate in private virtual training. Gym members simply join your existing Wi-Fi network,  download the app and they can use their phone to tune into any TV in your facility.

if you can see a TV, you can hear it ..

on the treadmill

Keep guests coming back, on the treadmill longer and help guests achieve their fitness goals by being engaged by TV shows that interests them. 

on your favorite bike

Some cardio equipment have TV listening built in however, when you changed equipment you have to disconnect. With hearTV, you are never disconnected.

when pumping iron

Get in the zone and stay in the zone longer.  Help guests maximize their workout by giving them the flexibility to roam and hear any visible TV they desire.


I believe it is the best, easiest, most cost effective solution on the market.


Philip Lynem

Club Manager – Bowen Hills

YMCA Bowen Hills

We are really impressed with the new hearTV system.

Morgan Lynch

Club Manager

Stepz St Lucia

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